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Who are we?

Francétude, it's a French school a community of students qualified and passionnate teachers a reference for studying French on the web all of these all-together!

An innovative school

Francétude is a real school to learn French online! The project was born in 2020, with the ambition to offer courses and a learning platform to students all around the globe. However, there is another thing equally essential for the creators of Francetude: creating a community and a place for human interaction. Learning languages on the internet is all too often done in isolation, yet is it not the very essence of language to be able to communicate with other people?
That is why we have created spaces for chatting, blogs for sharing, and open activities for everyone to share our experiences around the French language.

High quality courses

At Francétude, we are committed to providing high quality courses, adapted to each and every student. Our teachers are all certified to teach French and, of course, proficient with the use of digital tools for teaching online. A live online class can be just as exciting and dynamic as a language class in a physical school. Here, you’ll have one dedicated teach for your whole session, no switching teachers every lesson! This is the best way to improve, as your teacher will get to know you, your strengths and weakness, and your learning style to best help you progress.

Digital technology in the service of education

With the evolution of technology, it’s hard not to get excited about all the new possibilities it offers for learning new languages. However, at Francetude, we’re convinced that learning is first and foremost something profoundly human. Automated corrections are not enough, and artificial intelligence is not capable of having a real conversation or giving relevant advice to students. Our platform courses take the best of both worlds by combining automated tutorials and practice exercises with live interactions with a personal teacher who also personally follows your learning journey.

Learning for all

Francétude offers paid live courses and platform courses. Those are complete offers that will allow you to improve to your own pace, discover French language and culture with the help of a personal French teacher. However, we also want to offer everyone the opportunity to improve – that is why the library is accessible to everyone for free. It is a digital space where you’ll find explanations for grammar rules, conjugation, vocabulary or communication skills, packed with activities, all for free!

In a nutshell

Whatever the type of course you decide to take, you’ll join a real community and will be able to talk to teachers and other students alike, in a warm and welcoming environment.

The teacher's team

Adrien Cormier

Adrien Cormier

Founder of the Francetude online school, Adrien have worked on this project from the start, shaped it to finally creating the website and all of its content. He's now in charge of all the courses on Francétude, and creates all the website's content as well (blog posts, library lessons etc.)


– Acknowledgments –

Xavier Espinosa

Xavier Espinosa

Thanks to Xavier, who worked hard Francétude's project, notably by taking part in the online school conceptualization, helping define the pedagogical angles and the website's structure.

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