Interactive online platform - A2.1

Interactive online platform

You’ll have access to the interactive online platform. There, you’ll follow a progressive learning path with documents to study (written and oral comprehension) followed by autocorrecting questions about their content. Those are thematics documents that will allow you to discover and understand new vocabulary used in the everyday life. Based on those documents, you’ll also discover new grammar rules, explained in a clear and interactive way, and you’ll then access a serie of exercises designed with progressive difficulty to help you master these. To wrap it up, you’ll have some written production tasks allowing you to reinvest your new knowledge in your own sentences!

Your progression is followed by a teacher who’ll be coaching you during your whole learning block. Of course, your teacher is certified. He’ll be checking on your statistics, answering your questions (an chat system is available on the platform) and reviewing your written productions. But there is more!

You’ll have 4 meetings of 45 minutes per month with your teacher. During those meetings, your teacher will make you practice the things you’ve learned in real time conversations, including the new vocabulary as well as the new grammar rules. He’ll also be listening for you questions, or about the eventual difficulties you’ve been facing in the learning block. With this consistent feedback, you’ll be able to improve your speaking skills, keep track of your real progress and stay motivated to go even further!

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